Designer canine furniture –for paws that deserve luxury

The Ligno Dog space provides a stylish place of calm
and sanctuary for your beloved pet. Made using superior materials, each one is expertly crafted by hand, making this luxury free-standing
product an exquisite addition to your
home interior.

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Practical and easy to clean

  • Combining stunning furniture design & canine comfort.
  • Crafted
    from powder coated aluminium with a polypropelene tray with a top of your
    choice; Oak, Painted MDF, Marble, Granite etc..
  • Expertly hand-built in Great Britain.
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A sanctuary for your dog

Ligno prides itself on its attention to detail and the use of the highest quality and traditional materials to deliver the ultimate in Great British style to every pet home.


Add beautiful piece of furniture to your space.

We created the Ligno Dog Crate for those who care about interior design, believing that pet furniture should meet every comfort need whilst also looking effortlessly stylish.

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